996 911

Control arm kit GT3 - Porsche 911 type 996, 997, 991, Boxster / Cayman type 986, 987, 981


Control arm kit GT3 - Porsche 911 type 996, 997, 991, Boxster / Cayman type 986, 987, 981

Priced and sold as a pair. 

Get the most from your 996/997 or 986/987 with our GT3 control arm kit, featuring Tarett monoball inner bushings and solid thrust bushings. Designed by the factory to provide the ultimate in adjustability, these parts easily retrofit to models not originally equipped with the one-piece non-adjustable control arms, such as the C2, C4, Boxster, Cayman and 911 Turbo* models. Many have become frustrated by the inherent lack of camber adjustment in these cars, and this solution extends the range of adjustability while using factory engineered and tested parts. Camber adjustment is easily made by inserting shims (available separately) to increase negative camber over the the standard length.


  • 2x Genuine Porsche 996 GT3 outer control arms w/ ball joints, 99634112190 / 99634112290
  • 2x Tarett monoball inner bushing kits, LCAMB996
  • 2x Tarett solid thrust arm bushing kits (choose adjustable or non-adjustable), TABKA01/02


  • 911 type 996 C2, C4* & Turbo*
  • 911 type 997 C2, C4* & Turbo*
  • 911 type 991 C2, C4* & Turbo*
  • Boxster type 986
  • Boxster / Cayman type 987
  • Boxster / Cayman type 981
  • *Please note, drive shaft length and geometry should be considered when making adjustments on AWD Porsche models. 
  • **Please note, 

About the components:

The Tarett solid thrust arm bushing kit is designed to eliminate unwanted caster changes under acceleration or deceleration, with minimal changes in noise, vibration or harshness or road noise from the driver's seat. Unwanted changes in caster will effect all other alignment settings including camber plus vehicle stability and feel. Replacing the flexible rubber thrust arm bushing with this solid design will significantly improve the handling and response from your 996/997, Boxster or Cayman suspension.

The adjustable version (shown) also allows for adjustment (increase) of additional caster. Increasing caster will effect dynamic camber and increase stability due to an effective lengthening of the wheel base. Increasing the caster angle will also increase self-centering effect and steering effort. A great improvement on street cars, and especially those taking their cars to the track. Unlike other designs on the market, the Rennline adjustable kit uses two additional bolts to provide the extra clamping force needed to prevent slipping under heavy loading.

The Tarett monoball inner bushing kit replaces the compliant factory rubber bushing with a precision Teflon-lined spherical bearing for increased front or rear suspension rigidity, quicker steering response, and better handling. Reduces front wheel camber and toe changes during hard cornering to maintain optimum tire contact for improved traction. Weather sealed monoball for long life. Comes complete with high quality jet nuts and stainless steel spacers for corrosion resistance. 


    $ 1,350.00