996 911

Clutch and flywheel kit - Porsche 911 type 996 3.4L, 1999-2001


Clutch and flywheel kit - Porsche 911 type 996 3.4L, 1999-2001
This complete clutch and flywheel kit includes all the standard parts needed to replace the factory clutch and flywheel on your Porsche 911 C2 or C4 3.4L M96 type 996. This kit will keep your car factory-smooth, with easy engagement, quiet operation and a consistent pedal feel. The dual mass flywheels cannot be resurfaced so should typically be replaced whenever you replace your clutch pressure plate and disc as a matter of course. Performance will be identical to the factory clutch, with a very similar feel. 
Parts included are all OE-supplier brands, Sachs and LUK, along with Genuine Porsche flywheel and pressure plate bolts. 
It is worth noting that you should never use a single-mass flywheel on any M96 or M97 type engine. We only recommend, sell and install kits from OE-suppliers Sachs and LUK. Use of a single-mass flywheel eliminates crucial harmonic vibration dampening provided by the heavier dual-mass flywheel, leading to increased bearing wear and potential catastrophic engine failure due to crankshaft breakage or other component failure. While tempting, it is not recommended. 
  • 911 C2 / C4 / Cabriolet type 996 3.4L, 1999-2001
  • 1x - 99611691100 - Sachs clutch kit
  • 1x - 99611401204 - LUK dual mass flywheel 
  • 1x - 99710121201 - Victor Reinz PTFE rear main seal 
  • 8x - 99907309202 - Genuine Porsche flywheel bolt
  • 6x - 90006713103 - Genuine Porsche pressure plate bolt 
$ 1,656.29