Engine oil additive - Liqui Moly MoS2 anti-friction treatment 500mL

Liqui Moly

Engine oil additive - Liqui Moly MoS2 anti-friction treatment 500mL
An exceptional product. Highly recommended for all late-model Porsche vehicles. Extreme wear reduction under normal engine operation, but especially in extreme conditions such as low / no oil pressure situations (cold start / oil loss) and high temperature and high load situations such as track day use and daily commute stop and go driving. We use MoS2 in all our modern "shop" and employee vehicles, including our 991 GT3. 
Not recommended for mixed use on Zinc-enhanced or Zinc treated oil, as is often used with air-cooled 911 vehicles, 993 and earlier.
An absolute must for all VW / Audi BPY 2.0t engines with the high pressure fuel pump cam follower wear issue. 
MoS2–Anti-Friction is a colloidal, molybdenum sulphide (MoS2) based solid lubricant suspended in mineral oil stabilized by a special preparation process and formulated for use in vehicle engines (petrol and Diesel). Miscible and fully compatible with all commercially-available engine oils (mineral oils, partially and fully synthetic oils).
Forms a friction and wear reducing “Moly” film on all sliding surfaces of the engine. The engine runs smoother, quieter, cooler, more reliably. Provides an extra measure of protection under extreme operating conditions, e.g. extreme temperatures, engine overheating under high loads, loss of oil, etc. Miscible with all motor oils.
Up to 50% less engine wear. Reduces oil and fuel consumption. Longer engine life. Safeguards against break- downs and repairs. Smoother more pleasant engine operation.
Added to the lubricating oils of engines, compressors, pumps and especially motor vehicle engines (Gas and Diesel). Mixes with all commercially available engine oils.
Add 5 % (50 ml per litre of oil) MoS2–Anti-Friction to engine oil. Can be added to engine oil at any time. One can treats up to 1.5 gal (6 liter) of oil.
$ 9.99