Distributor grease - BOSCH ( 225mL )


Distributor grease - BOSCH ( 225mL )
currently NLA...
BOSCH distributor grease. 225ml tube. One tube will last a lifetime, great for new owners of the vintage VW, 356, and 911/912s. Hard to come by these days, but great for all cars still equipped with points. Used to lubricate the shaft of the distributor where the points make contact with the surface. Works great with 914 FI trigger points, pilot bearings, and clutch pivot points. Also handy for late model 911, 944, 964, 993 distributors to keep the rotors from seizing onto the shaft(s). 
This specially formulated grease won't interfere with the ignition spark, or catch on fire inside the distributor. BOSCH distributor grease will also not decay with age and exposure to the high electrical charges inside the distributor. ( Ft1v4 )
Please note this is the 225mL tube not the small 45mL tube. The 45mL tube is NLA.
$ 24.75