Connecting rod bolt kit, Raceware - Porsche 911, 930, 1972-1977


Connecting rod bolt kit, Raceware - Porsche 911, 930, 1972-1977
Complete connecting rod bolt kit for all Porsche 911 models with the 10mm rod bolts, 1972-1977. 
Kit includes:
  • RWE-4003 - Raceware 911 connecting rod bolt kit for cars w/ 10mm rod bolt.
Fits the following models:
  • 911, including 2.4, 2.7 and 3.0L until 1977
  • 911 type 930 turbo, 1975-1977
Raceware is the unmatched leader in engine fastener design and manufacturing for Porsche engines. We use these connecting rod bolts in every competition and street build that goes through our engine shop. Raceware as a fastener company specializes in German marques, and is in our opinion, the only brand to use on a Porsche car. 
Using the best aerospace quality materials, Raceware connecting rod bolts are rated to 220,000 PSI tensile strength so are significantly stronger than stock units, and unlike the factory stretch bolts, are reusable. An absolute must for racing and high-rev / high power applications and high performance driving. 

Simply put: if you are rebuilding your Porsche's engine use Raceware fasteners. 

$ 439.95