Clutch hydraulic overhaul kit - Porsche 911 C2 / C4 3.6 type 964, 993


Clutch hydraulic overhaul kit - Porsche 911 C2 / C4 3.6 type 964, 993
Whenever a 964 or 993 comes into our shop with clutch problems, these are some of the first components we check, and replace if necessary. Generally speaking the clutch master and slave cylinders are robust, and as long as the brake fluid (which feeds these units) is replaced every couple of years and the system is properly maintained they are not an issue. However, old, dirty and contaminated brake fluid will begin to destroy the seals internally, leading to a loss of pressure, performance, and sometimes even fluid loss. A soft, low or sinking clutch pedal can all be indicative of a bad master, slave or line. The clutch lines are a more regular failure point, being exposed to the elements and external environmental factors take their toll. A leak or fluid loss from the hose is more common. 
We recommend a full brake fluid flush, including the clutch hydraulic system every two years. 
This kit includes everything you need to service your clutch hydraulic system, with OE-supplier FTE brand components and optional ATE Type 200 Racing brake fluid. 
  • 911 C2 / C4 / Speedster / Cabriolet / RS America / Turbo type 964, 1989-1994
  • 911 C2 / C4 / Cabriolet type 993, 1995-1998
*not for 993 Turbo
  • 1x - 96442317100 FTE clutch master cylinder 
  • 1x - 95011623712 FTE clutch slave cylinder 
  • 1x - 96442347700 FTE clutch slave cylinder hose
  • 2x - 1L can ATE Type 200 Racing brake fluid 


$ 352.68