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ATF (Power steering fluid) - Porsche 944, 964, 993


ATF (Power steering fluid) - Porsche 944, 964, 993
1L bottle Febi Bilstein Dexron II. Most early (pre-96) 944, 928, 951, 964 Porsches use ATF (Dexron) as the power steering fluid. It is red in color, and should never under any conditions be mixed with Pentosin CHF11S or CHF202 fluids which are green. Mineral based non-synethtic formula.
The power steering fluid requirements in German cars as a whole has been not clearly understood by many owners over the years. Mistakenly many steering racks and pumps have failed due to the wrong fluid (hydraulic oil) being used. Always look at your owners manual to check what fluid type your car requires. The wrong fluid will destroy the seals in the system and can cause extensive damage.

Size: 1 Liter, Part# 08971

ATF (Mineral Based) Specifications: Meets Dexron II, MB 236.6

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