Engine oil service kit - Porsche 924, including Turbo


Engine oil service kit - Porsche 924, including Turbo
Engine oil service kit with Mahle filter, Liqui Moly oil, MoS2 additive and drain plug crush ring.
  • Porsche 924, 1977-1982
  • Porsche 924 Turbo, 1980-1982
Liqui Moly Touring High Tech 15w40 oil is our choice for the 944 and 968 family of Porsche vehicles. This standard oil is designed for extreme condition diesel and gasoline service and provides proper engine protection, lubrication and cooling without the need for a Zinc additive. Lüfteknic uses Liqui Moly 15w40 Touring High Tech oil in all air-cooled 911s and early model water cooled front engined 928, 924, 944 and 968 cars serviced in our facility in Richmond, Virginia. Lüfteknic has seen reduced engine noise, smoother running and improved miles per gallon just from switching to Liqui Moly oils. A superb quality engine oil, made in Germany. Liqui Moly has complete control of their supply chain, from oil wells to refinement, and is one of the few major lubricant manufacturers to also produce their own additive packages; the ingredients that give a particular oil its unique properties with regards to lubricity, protection, emissions, and vehicle specifications. A high additive content guarantees optimum lubrication under all running conditions.
Liqui Moly MoS2 is an exceptional product. Highly recommended for all Porsche vehicles, regardless of year or use. It offers excellent wear reduction under normal engine operation, but especially in extreme conditions such as low / no oil pressure situations (cold start / oil loss) and high temperature and high load situations such as track day use and daily commute stop and go driving. We use MoS2 in all our modern "shop" and employee vehicles, including our 991 GT3.
We use and recommend Mahle oil filters almost exclusively. Mahle is the OEM supplier to Porsche for most applications, and quality of construction, filtration and durability are unmatched in our experience. Along with quality engine oil, a proper premium quality oil filter often makes the difference between the engines that last and those that don't. If you're on our site we're probably already preaching to the converted, but if you're unsure, don't be: Use a quality Mahle oil filter in your Porsche, whenever possible.
Kit includes:
  • 1x 93110770100 - Mahle filter (Mahle OC47)
  • 1x N0438541 - Aluminum or copper crush washer
  • 6x liters Liqui Moly Touring High Tech 15w40 conventional oil
  • 1x Liqui Moly MoS2 anti wear engine oil additive
    $ 61.19