Brake fluid - ATE SL.6 DOT 4 class 6


Brake fluid - ATE SL.6 DOT 4 class 6
ATE SL.6 DOT 4 class 6 low-viscosity brake / hydraulic fluid in a 1 liter can. Replaces DOT 4 Super type fluids. Although not common in Porsche cars to this point, this ATE SL.6 brake fluid is becoming more common as ABS, traction control and stability management systems become more complex and integrated. 
  • DOT 4, meets FMVSS§571.116, DOT 4/DOT 3, SAE J1703 as well as ISO 4925, Class 6 specifications.
  • Dry Boiling point - 509F (265C)
  • Wet boiling point - 347F (175C)

The optimal brake fluid for electronic brake systems

Since the introduction of ESP, brake fluid must decelerate individual wheels in fractions of a second in order to stabilize the vehicle in critical situations (e. g. a skid). The development of particularly thin bodied brake fluids such as Original ATE SL.6 have been essential in ensuring the rapid response times required for ESP can be attained. The requirement for such fluids has already been incorporated into the design of the ESP system. With conventional brake fluids the system's reaction times (in critical situations) may be several times longer than with Original ATE SL.6. In practice this may mean that the system cannot stabilize the vehicle.

Advantages of Original ATE SL.6

  • Low viscosity (thin-bodied)
  • Permits fastest response by ESP
  • Optimum brake fluid for electronic brake systems like ESP, ABS, TCS, etc.
  • Improved handling safety owing to speedy response of ESP
  • Most vehicle manufacturers already use the low-viscosity DOT 4, Class 6 (ISO 4925) brake fluids in production cars (OEM and OES)

With Original ATE SL.6 you are optimally prepared for future systems too. Make use of the advantage which shorter response time offers and abstain from using viscous brake fluid, and thus the wrong fluid, for ESP and other electronic brake systems.

$ 16.99