Head stud kit, Raceware - Porsche 911, 930, 1965-1977


Head stud kit, Raceware - Porsche 911, 930, 1965-1977
Complete head stud fastener kit for all Porsche 911 models, 1965-1977. Kit includes 24 studs, washers and nuts.
Kit includes:
  • RWE-1022 - Raceware 911 engine head stud kit
  • RWE-6001 - Raceware billet CNC head washers, for 1965 to 1977 air-cooled engines
  • RWE-5001 - Raceware forged 12-point head nut kit

Fits the following models:

  • 911, including E, T, R, S, ST, RS until 1977
  • 911 type 930 turbo, 1975-1977
Raceware is the unmatched leader in engine fastener design and manufacturing for Porsche engines. We use these kits in every competition build that goes through our engine shop, as well as the majority of street engine builds depending on customer preference. Raceware as a fastener company specializes in German marques, and is in our opinion, the only brand to use on a Porsche car. 
Using the best aerospace quality materials, Raceware head studs are designed, tested and independently verified and rated to 205,000psi tensile strength. Additionally they allow for proper thermal expansion, an important consideration on an engine which could see operating temperatures from below zero to 300°+ fahrenheit depending on conditions. Raceware-equipped engines see better engine / head / cylinder sealing without leaks, and without relying on excessive nut tightening torque and clamping force. Not only a more reliable solution, but one which does not risk damage from head / cylinder / case distortion from those excessive forces. 
Raceware's billet machined head washers and forged 12-point head nuts ensure proper torque figures are reached. Washers properly distribute the clamp force across the cylinder head to eliminate cracking, warped heads and head gasket leaks. Stamped washers have a razor sharp edge, unlike the Raceware washers which have a proper machined outside chamfer to prevent stress risers in aluminum cylinder heads that can lead to cracks and failures. 
Raceware's nuts have a unique special anti-friction coating to insure accurate tensioning of the head studs in your engine. Using a proper high-strength head nut is important as a lower tensile strength nut may not allow proper tensioning of the studs which can lead to stripped threads (less clamping torque) and cylinder head leaks.

These precision 12 point nuts are also very popular for dual-sparkplug 911 series engines because they provide the needed clearance to remove the lower sparkplugs.

Simply put: if you are rebuilding your Porsche's engine use Raceware fasteners. 

$ 1,064.85