Fuel filter - Porsche 911 SC 1978-1980


Fuel filter - Porsche 911 SC 1978-1980
High quality Mahle fuel filter, the OEM supplier to Porsche. Provides the proper level of fuel flow and filtration ensuring maximum performance and protection from fuel contaminants. 
Recommended to replace every 60,000 miles of normal use on vehicles seeing average mileage of 10,000-12,000 miles per year. Vehicles driven less than average mileage should have their filters replaced on a time basis, ideally every 5-6 years. 
Vehicles which have been stored in a non-climate controlled area for periods of 3-6 months or longer, without being driven, with untreated ethanol fuel in the tank should have their fuel filters replaced as a precaution before being put back into service, regardless of mileage. The more humid the climate, the more urgent the need. 
  • Porsche 911 SC, 1978-1980*
  • 12mm inlet / 10mm outlet - fittings serviced separately from filter. You will need to remove and reuse fittings from your original filter. 
  • *1980 model year vehicles may have this filter or the 1981-1983 style filter. We recommend visually checking and confirming what your car was manufactured with in order to purchase the correct part. 
  • Bosch part 71020.
$ 21.20