Coolant expansion tank - Porsche 911 type 996, 1999-2000


Coolant expansion tank - Porsche 911 type 996, 1999-2000
Genuine Porsche part. The coolant expansion tank on all late-model water-cooled 986, 996, 997 and 987 vehicles from Porsche is a fairly common replacement item depending on your vehicle's age and mileage. Heat, age, exposure to the elements and other factors all contribute to failures of the plastic tank used to allow for the expansion and contraction of your Porsche's coolant. They usually tend to leak slowly before it becomes a major problem, but as with any cooling system failure you need to be diligent and in-tune with the warning signs, and if extreme loss occurs, the warning lights and results of total coolant loss. If your coolant tank is visibly yellow or dark in color rather than clear and white, this could be a sign that its days are numbered.  
  • Porsche 911 C2 / C4, 1999-2000
As with nearly all the cooling system related parts and pieces for Porsche cars, we use, supply and install only Genuine Porsche expansion tanks. We have not had good experiences or results with any of the aftermarket or 'OEM supplied' versions, and the involved install process and high cost of coolant is not worth the time of doing the job twice or saving a few dollars on the tank. 
$ 375.15