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Brake fluid - ATE Type 200 Racing


Brake fluid - ATE Type 200 Racing
ATE Type 200 Racing DOT 4 brake fluid in a 1 liter can. This is the 'other' color ATE Racing brake fluid, always available but historically was not as popular as their now-illegal and no longer available Super Blue Racing fluid. This is the exact same formula, just a DOT-legal color. We use this in virtually every Porsche serviced at Lüfteknic, including club race and DE cars. Excellent performance and long life in brake and hydraulic systems. A great all-around brake fluid. 
We recommend purchasing 2 liters of Type 200 for a 60,000 mile service or a full system service, which includes the clutch system capacity on late model Porsches. 
  • DOT 4, meets or exceeds FMVSS, 571.116/DOT 4, SAE J1703, SAE J1704 and ISO 4925 Class 4. 
  • Dry Boiling point - 536F (280C)
  • Wet boiling point - 388F (198C)
We recommend fresh brake fluid every two years for Porsche cars seeing normal street use. This ensures the brake and clutch hydraulic systems remain in top performing condition and minimizes damage and component failure due to old, 'wet' or otherwise compromised brake fluid. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture (water) from the atmosphere. This degrades performance and when left for too long, component damage can occur. If your brake fluid is dark, dirty or looks otherwise contaminated it is in need of a change. 
If you participate in driver education track day events, autocross or other motorsport type events we usually recommend fresh brake fluid before every season, or more often, depending on the type of events and use. Even with fresh fluid before every season, we typically recommend bleeding the brakes after every circuit track day event to eliminate any boiled, burnt or compromised fluid from the system. Autocross is typically less hard on braking systems than DE type events, but we still recommend a mid-season bleed to ensure maximum performance and reliability.
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